Our Mission

The Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association advocates, promotes and enhances opportunities for Ohio grain farmers. 

Educational and Political Powerhouse

Our members take an active role in advocating for farmers at both the state and federal level. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of issues that have the potential to impact the way farmers make a living. 

advocate for success AND POSITIVE public policy

On behalf of our members, the association board visits key legislators in an effort to educate and inform them about key topics ranging from trade to environmental stewardship to risk management, Our Policy Priorities.  

Core Values

Leadership: We bring together the brightest and most capable farmer leaders who respond to our grassroots networks by listening and learning about the issues to best represent, participate and influence on behalf of our membership and partners.
Vision of the Future: We believe that to best represent the interests of our membership, we must be forward-thinking and always ready to respond and adapt as an association. 
Integrity: We must be the best that we can be. We believe we must be credible, transparent and balanced, so that our integrity is clear and recognized.  
Respect: We aim to be respectful to all. The best way to earn the respect of others is for us to respect others through our words and actions.
Transparency: We remain open in our efforts at all levels in order to preserve integrity and trust. 
Adaptability: Change is inevitable, so we strive for success by maintaining a nimble culture that is flexible and versatile in today's dynamic environment.

Our Policy Priorities
OCWGA has positioned itself as both an educational and political powerhouse for the advancement of domestic and international issues that affect the success of Ohio’s corn and wheat farmers.