Ohio Corn & Wheat works to create opportunities for long-term Ohio corn and small grain grower profitability.

What’s a checkoff?
A voluntary, self-help program that allows for collection of an assessment by all first purchasers of the grain.
– Corn: 3/4 cent-per-bushel
– Wheat: 1/2 of one percent per-net-market price

  • Ethanol
    – Building domestic and international markets for ethanol
    – Increasing ethanol infrastructure (ie. building pumps)
    – Public education and awareness on ethanol benefits
  • Exports
    – Building demand for exports in all forms: corn, wheat, meat, poultry, ethanol, DDGs
    – Exports account for 1 in 3 US farm acres
  • Water Quality
    – Funding water quality research such as, edge of field testing, revising fertilizer recommendations and studying non-agricultural Ohio surface waters
    – Educating public and media on agriculture’s role
  • Education
    – Incorporating agriculture into science classes and curriculum
    – Consumer outreach and education

Lunch & Learn Program

We invite you to take part in a new informational program called Ohio Corn & Wheat’s Lunch & Learn. Over a 30-minute lunch break, we will provide lunch, give a small presentation about the corn and wheat checkoffs’ work and how they operate, and answer any questions about our organization. Our Lunch & Learn program is open to your entire staff, especially grain buyers, scale staff, finance department and anyone else who is curious about checkoffs. Please reach out to Ellen Gilliland on our team at egilliland@ohiocornandwheat.org or 740-201-8088 to schedule a Lunch & Learn for your organization.

Thank you for the important role you play with the Ohio corn and small grains checkoffs! Your business team is an important part of the checkoff process, and we appreciate your diligent work. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if we can be of assistance.