Bring Ag into the Classroom.

With the majority of the world so removed from farming, it is extremely important that students are educated about the need and necessity for farming. Your checkoff dollars fund the creation of relevant, real resources that are used by Ohio teachers to tell the farming story and create a platform for classroom discussion based on facts.

Feed the World.

Through our work with Education Projects and Partnerships, we fund the development of curriculum, teach teachers and build strategic partnerships within the education industry. Feed the World helps teachers start the conversation around the topic “How will we feed 9 billion people.” By starting this discussion, teachers are able to address topics such as:

- Water quality
- Biotechnology
- Energy
- Ethanol
- Soil and sustainability

Visit the Feed the World website for curriculum and to sign up for events

An investment in the future
Checkoff initatives are creating new and expanded markets for corn and small grains.