Our farmers have a great respect for the land and a strong commitment to protect it.

From no-till farming to crop rotation to responsible land use, our farmers understand the value of sustainable agriculture and work to safeguard:
- Water use and quality
- Air quality
- Biodiversity
- Soil loss
- Energy use
- Climate impact

We work with our farmers to continually improve environmental stewardship while protecting their right to farm.

A balance is sought between legitimate environmental concerns and the economic realities of farming. Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association supports programs that ensure environmental permanence with the need to maintain a long-term, dependable food supply and the necessity for long-term profitability in farming. 

Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association challenges farmers to take part in the ongoing and vital environmental stewardship discussion — with neighbors, with consumers, with members of Congress. Talk to them about:

  • The farming practices you do that supports environmental stewardship
  • How you have seen farming practices change over the years as new technology becomes available that increases your ability to be environmentally sound

We believe that farmers must have a voice in this issue.

Our Policy Priorities
OCWGA has positioned itself as both an educational and political powerhouse for the advancement of domestic and international issues that affect the success of Ohio’s corn and wheat farmers.

Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture

Field to Market is a diverse alliance working to create opportunities across the agricultural supply chain to continuous improvements in productivity, environmental quality, and human well-being. The group provides collaborative leadership that is engaged in industry-wide dialogue, grounded in science, and open to the full range of technology choices.