Infrastructure is causing roadblocks.

Our nation’s transportation infrastructure — roadways, waterways and railways — are woefully outdated, aging rapidly and extremely underfunded. Investment in our national transportation system is not meeting our growing needs. As a result, we are experiencing a deteriorating competitiveness in an increasingly global economy.

America, and America’s farmers, are falling behind. 

Farmers depend on reliable, cost-effective transportation to deliver harvested grain to markets. Eighty percent of the domestic corn crop is trucked to market. Our weakened transportation system will cost U.S. agriculture $1.3 billion in exports by 2020 — just a mere four years from now.

To remain the world’s top grain supplier, effective transportation and trade systems are priority:
- Positive trade agreements with foreign countries such as South Korea, Columbia and Panama safeguard American agriculture as an influential export leader.
- Railways, roadways and locks and dams improvements must be addressed to ensure open markets for optimum success.

If America’s transportation infrastructure issue isn’t addressed soon, other countries will replace America as global leaders in the agriculture marketplace.

Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association challenges farmers to take part in the ongoing and vital transportation discussion — with neighbors, with consumers, with members of Congress. Talk to them about:

  • How and where your crop is transported 
  • What different types of transportation is needed to get your crop from your farm to its final destination 
  • What would happen to Ohio agriculture if a vital transportation avenue was cut off due to disrepair and instability

We believe that farmers must have a voice in this issue.

    Our Policy Priorities
    OCWGA has positioned itself as both an educational and political powerhouse for the regulation and advancement of domestic and international issues that affect the success of Ohio’s corn and wheat markets.